Review Wifi FPV Dbpower U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera

Most drones nowadays focus on two extremes: either way too pricey for professionals and intermediate users only, or too cheap, which makes it more in line with hobbyists and beginners. The in-between market, however, is still relatively small. That is until the Dbpower U818A WiFi FPV drone hit the market. For its undeniably mid-range price, you get specs that are not that flashy but also don’t feel that cheap, which hits a certain niche in the current market today.

For the same price, you also get an above average HD camera which records 720p HD videos at 30 frames per second, which is pretty decent for the price. The overall feel of the drone screams better quality, which for solely that reason, is good enough for a consideration if you have a mid-range budget. Simply put, this is one of the best drones out there for the bang you get for your buck, if not for all the remaining great features on it as well.

For meeting small demands and a more hybrid use, the U818A is a decent choice for a beginner or intermediate looking into buying a better-than-the-cheapest choice.

Dbpower U818A WiFi FPV Features

  • Maximum flight time of 9 minutes
  • Removable 700 mAh battery (spare included)
  • Max transmission distance of 100m; video transmission range of 30-40m
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization for use in 360° flips and easier handling overall
  • Gravity induction feature for full smart phone integration
  • Agile and quick, trick friendly and easy to maneuver
  • Mounted HD camera for stills and videos
  • Video recording with included HD camera up to 1280x720p at 30fps
  • Live video feed from FPV Wi-Fi feature straight to your smartphone
  • Headless mode and low voltage alarm for a more secure outing each time you use it
  • Comes with four spare propellers for easy replacements when needed

Main Specification:

Model: U818A WIFI
Weight: 158.6g
Recommended Age: 14+
Drone Dimensions: 340 x 330 x 92 mm
Video Recording Modes: 1280 x 720p
Max Bitrate Of Video Storage: 30 Mbps
Supported SD Card Types: Micro SD , Max capacity: 32 GB

Bonus Items:

  • 1 * Extra Battery
  • 1 * 4G Micro SD Card
  • 1 * Card Reader
  • 1 set of Extra Blades

What’s in the box?

  • U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with Camera
  • 4GHz Controller
  • 7V 700mAh LiPo Batteries
  • USB Battery Charger
  • 4GB Micro-SD Card
  • Spare Propellers
  • User Manual

Dbpower U818a Wifi Fpv Advantages

If you’re new to the drone affair but you’re not willing to just throw cash away in the form of the cheapest options available, then this drone is great for you and your wallet. Although its price is modest, you get an above-average quadcopter with full smartphone integration, meaning that you get one of the more coveted features only found in higher end drone models. This allows you to use your smart phone as a viewing device for the video output from the drone. The whole thing comes integrated into the controller, making it easy and quick to use.

The average flight time lasts for about 9 minutes, which is great for the battery size. There’s even a spare battery included for you to get double the flight time in one rotation. The quadcopter’s great modular design means that if any parts were to be defective, they can easily be replaced. The flight controls themselves are simple and intuitive which makes it perfect overall for beginners. There’s even an option to enable gravity induction, which makes flight even easier. This mode allows you to fly the copter at the same angle you’re holding your smartphone, whether it’s forward, backward, left or right, basically integrating it even more.

Completely FPV-integrated flight with real HD transmission makes it perfect for your aerial mobility needs. You can view a live feed of the camera on your mobile device with the FPV Wi-Fi feature. Including LED navigation lights and the remote control signal light gives the quad a great look whenever it’s used at night. There’s also a low-voltage alarm that’s triggered by a low battery, which is a great feature for reminding you if you need to charge the batteries.

The controls found on the remote are intuitive and responsive. There are separate buttons for image snapping, video recording, and even for the 360° roll. There’s also a pretty useful return home button which compensates for its lack of GPS. One press and the quadcopter will return to wherever you are. There’s also a headless mode, a state of intelligent orientation, eliminating the need for repositioning, which is in itself very useful if you are a beginner.


Of course, being lower priced means that it has its share of flaws, the biggest of which is the camera, which is not the highest quality and not replaceable. If the time comes and you find yourself wanting to upgrade, it’s too bad—you’ll need to buy a new one instead of just replacing the camera.

The flight time is also a little short because the aircraft is a lot lighter. True, your purchase already has a spare battery, but generally, this only translates to about 18-20 minutes’ total, which is still five minutes less than the premium drones out there.

The motors and circuit board are also somewhat prone to heat with use, and the manufacturer advises taking a cool-down time of 10 minutes between each flight sequence to make sure that the parts remain intact for as long as possible. I don’t know if you can attribute this to bad manufacturing or just bad quality materials used, but this gives you some hassle. Instead of unimpaired, continuous flight, you will experience interruptions every hour, which can take some fun out of using the quadcopter.

There is also no GPS to assist your flight and you’ll be reduced to trying to keep the copter in your sight, otherwise, it can move out of your signal range. There are built-in measures though, such as LED lights and the low voltage battery alarm/reminder.

Dbpower U818a Wifi FPV Verdict

Sadly, there is still a pretty huge gap in the mid-range drone/copter market. It helps, though, that there’s the Dbpower U818A, which while not filling all the checks of what a perfectly capable mid-range drone should have, makes up for it with its inexpensive price and versatility. Very well worth the buy if you can see past the small cons if you absolutely hate buying the cheapest of something.

Ayan Ayan