Review Tenergy TDR Phoenix Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

The TDR Phoenix WIFI FPV Modular Quadcopter is a medium-sized RC quadcopter with a modular design that allows the user to install/exchange parts based on preference. Advanced controller with smart device holder. Ergonomically designed with easy to use one key commends.Fun and Easy to use 4-way 360 degree stunt rolling in 4 different direction of your choice.

Phoenix also comes with an Collision avoidance module that detects obstacles while flying – which greatly reduce the chances of getting a major collision of the drone.

Stabilized drone quadcopter with auto hovering – The advanced altitude holding feature allows the drone to suspend in midair simply even after letting go of the joystick hands-free. This makes it an easy to maneuver drone and easy to fly for starters, beginners, newbies, kids, etc.

720P HD Camera – Capture great HD aerial photos and video footage while it’s in the sky. Perfect for simple and fun aerial photography to show friends.

One-Key Stunt Move – A fun 360 degree rolling feature makes doing tricks easy with the touch of a button. Make your flights extra impressive with your friends and family.
Modular Battery Design – All new hard case battery design gets rid of the exposed wires for a more durable and long lasting battery.

Auto Launching, Auto Return, Headless and Speed Selection Packed with easy to flight technologies, helps beginners to flight like a pro in no time.

Customizable parts designed for easy upgrades, customizations and maintenance.

Modular accerssories includes three types of camera, collission avoidance sensor, and battery.

One-Key Stunt Move
A fun 360 degree rolling feature makes doing tricks easy with the touch of a button.

Modular Battery Design
All new hard case battery design gets rid of the exposed wires for a more durable and long lasting battery.

6-Axis Gyro
Equipped with 6-axis gyro stabilization system for quick recovery after rapid movement.

Product specifications:

Quadcopter Specs

  • Size: 7.7 x 7.7 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Flight Time: Approx. 7.5 minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V/380mAh 1.4wh
  • Flight Modes: Normal, Headless, 360° Roll
  • Speed Modes: Low / Medium / High
  • Drone Keep watch over Range: Approx. 130ft / 40m

Transmitter Specs

  • Size: 3.6 x 2.4 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 2 x AAA (not included)

Camera Specs

  • Video: 1280*720
  • Photo: 1280*720
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Photo Format: JPEG
  • Memory Card: Micro SD as much as 32G (not included)

What’s in the box?

  • 1x TDR Phoenix Mini
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x Battery
  • 4x Blade Guard
  • 4x Extra Blade
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

I think it is well worth it. While it isn’t the most expensive drone out there, it also isn’t the cheapest. The fact that it comes with a camera at such a good price is what sold me. When it came, I was really impressed with the quality construction and the look of the final product. It looks very sleek, and it impressed me immediately. I like the features it has, but I especially like the return to me in one button feature. It has helped me multiple times I am embarrassed to admit.

Nothing too big, but wish it would have a clearer camera. The only thing could be improved would be the inflight time which is around 5-8 minutes max. However, that is usually the average battery life for all other drones in the market.

Final Conclusion:
Lot of experience with quadcopters and drones and this is one of those that’s perfect for beginners! Even for such a simple quadcopter it was really fun for me to fly! Let me start off by explaining why this is the perfect quadcopter for beginners.

Honestly, this is the best and most fun drone. It comes with all that is needed (the drone, controller, free mobile app, obstacle avoidance module, extra blades, battery pack). The functions that it claims to have all work perfectly except for one of them: the auto landing. It works about 85% of the time but sometimes it does not register to land when click the button which could be a little challenging to retrieve the drone back. How easy it is to fly for all ages and controls work great.

This is a nice and easy to fly quadcopter but like the other reviews say the app is worthless. Connected it after turned on the quad then controller then attached phone but when flew it seem to loose control the wifi signal looses it signal and cant stop the copter till it chooses to come down automatically. The camera that it comes with is .3 mg pixel its ok but not great or good for the price tag if it came with at least at 720p camera that would be great but to order that. But if you control the quad ( Like some reviews say) without the app/phone its great but since the controller is small with no atenna the distance is not that long but as for like using the controller better without the phone/app to me it responds way better and doesnt loose signal. Brought it to the park and used the app/phone it lost signal at even 4 ft so it was drifiting towards the fence couldnt stop it even tried turning off the control still wouldnt stop and it finally stopped when it hit the fence and luckly put the props guards if not it would’ve broke a prop or burnt a motor.

Ayan Ayan