Review Syma X21W Wifi FPV Mini Drone GYRO RC Quadcopter

Syma, one of the most popular toy drone manufacturer, announced a new model called X21W. Featuring all the latest features and propeller protectors, the Syma X21W is suitable for beginner pilots.

The Syma X21W is slightly smaller than the X20 and it has about the same design. The biggest difference between these two mini drones is the remote controller. While the X20 comes with a small RC, the X21W comes with a much nicer transmitter (similar with the one Syma X5UW has).

Thanks to the built-in barometric air-pressure sensor, this Syma drone is capable to autonomously keep its flight altitude at the desired level.

Being powered by a 350 mAh Li-Po battery, the advertised flight time is about 5 minutes.

Let’s first get the basics specs of X21W out of the way, for all those who don’t have the time for the full review. Despite the small size, X21W has pretty decent specs. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out what this little guy hides under the hood.

Syma X21W is what they call a pocket drone. Overall design of the drone looks very bulky, like a tank. Camera is embedded in the drone head, its front side. Bigger drones have it down below, on the drones belly. Three colors are available black, green and white. Blades are easily removable via a simple plug-and-play operation. LEDs are included. They are placed under the blades. They will blink when the battery is about to go out, warning you to land the drone. All in all, beefy look and well built.

Drone has a barometric sensor that allows it to maintain altitude after you release controls. In other words, if you fly the drone 60ft in the air, and release the controls, it will stay at 60ft. It only goes down if you order it to, or it runs out of battery . This functionality is also know as altitude hold.

Headless mode is available. While headless mode is active, it’s no longer necessary to keep an eye on the drones orientation when changing direction. In other words, you don’t have to point its head into the direction you want the drone going. The controller become the point of reference in space.

Product specifications:

  • Compact size, suitable for indoor and outdoor flights;
  • Altitude hold;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • One key return to home;
  • 0.3mp camera for aerial filming;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission (FPV);
  • Up to 5 minutes of play time;
  • About 25 meters control range.

What’s in the box?

  • The drone itself with WiFi FPV camera and propeller protectors;
  • 1s, 380mAh battery;
  • 1set of propeller protectors;
  • Remote controller with remote controller;
  • Screwdriver;
  • USB charging cable;
  • User manual.


  • Durable
  • Suitable for indoor and Outdoor
  • Available in many designs
  • Easy to Use
  • Best For Beginners


  • Battery power is not so good
  • Camera Quality average


Goolsky FQ17W mini drone is an ideal option for beginners and those at the intermediary level of flying quadcopters. We recommend it because it supports an FPV function for live video and photo streaming and you can suspend it on air while capturing the pictures. Additionally, its remote control is easy to use, and it supports a headless mode function. These innovative features ensure a comfortable and safe flight. However, the mini drone’s camera is not powerful enough, and beginners have to take some time to master its operation.

Ayan Ayan