Review NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Quadcopter Drone

This amazing starter/beginner friendly drone is known for a few things and has a few features going for it, that other drones might not normally have. It has an unbelievable 400 ft. range.

Has 30% longer flights on average, by making use of a Premium Rechargeable LiPo battery making it capable of up to 10 minute long flights.

While these aren’t the only notable features that make the National Geographic quadcopter drone standout, they are certainly some of the most important.

There are some other great features we love about this quadcopter that will be going over shortly. But before we do, let’s take a quick look at the specs and size of this drone.

In addition to the intelligent control system, the National Geographic Quadcopter features a 360-degree flipping function used to flip the drone and the 6-axis gyro stabilization system that enhances stability while the drone is airborne.

Drones are a great way to have fun and teach kids about flight. And while they’re always excited to try the latest technologies, most drones operate on sophisticated controller systems that are too complex for young or novice pilots.

Fun, fast and easy to use, the Quadcopter Drone from National Geographic is great for kids and for kids at heart! Featuring 1-button controls, our innovative remote allows you to take-off, land, return to pilot, and perform 360-degree flips with one simple push.

Other useful features on this drone include the altitude hold function that lets the drone hover in the air, one-button landing and takeoff keys that facilitate safe landing and takeoff respectively, and a headless mode function.

The optional four-port charging station with two additional rechargeable batteries to to double the number of batteries and triple your flying time.

This has a one-button 360° flip which beginners will really like, especially kids. It can be a little tricky when you’re starting out to do flips with a standard quadcopter because you have to push a button and a direction and younger kids might have issues with it but the fact that this is one button makes things easier. The other good thing for beginners is the altitude holding system. When you typically let off the throttle of a standard quadcopter the quadcopter will just drop and quit flying but that is not the case with this one, it hovers.

There are speed controls on the remote and they default on level two and go from 1-4 and these also light up for easier reading. You will have to pop the landing gears on before you fly and be warned they are not going to stay on. As a matter of fact my husband suggested that you glue them on there permanently if you don’t plan on storing this in the box because they are going to be lost very quickly while flying, we almost lost them while testing this. These are something that you are not going to want to lose because if they are not on there you can damage the quadcopter easier and since this is geared towards beginners you are going to want your drone protected as much as possible. You will notice in the video part of this review that it was a big issue for my husband.

like almost all quadcopters this has its good and bad points. This is not for anyone who has been flying quadcopters for a while this is definitely for kids/ extreme beginners and even then it has a lot of issues that will frustrate people.

Our fast and agile quad-copter is ready to take off, do 360º flips, and return to base with the push of a button. Advanced stabilization technology makes this drone easy to pilot. Flies for as long as ten minutes with the included rechargeable batteries. Controller requires four AA batteries, not included.

Product Specification:

  • Flight: 10 min
  • Environment : Outdoors
  • Camera : Not included
  • Battery : 3.7V 750mAh LiPo
  • Charge : 90 min
  • Weight : 1,5 pounds
  • Size : 21.5 x 3.5 x 15 inches
  • Range : 122 m

Whats in The Box?

  • The National Geographic Quadcopter;
  • Drone Manual;
  • 8 propeller blades;
  • 8 blade protectors;
  • 4 propeller blade caps;
  • 4 propeller blade cap screws;
  • USB charging cable;
  • The LiPo battery;
  • Remote control;
  • Mini-screw driver.


  • Longer than average flying time – 10 minutes.
  • Longer than average flying distance – 400 feet.
  • Wide range of features.
  • Headless Mode for easy quadcopter orientation
  • Return to pilot/home feature.
  • One-button take offs and landings.
  • Surprisingly includes an Altitude Hold Function.
  • Ideal for starters and beginners.


  • Lacks a camera;
  • May not function as intended during a windy, rainy, or snowy day;
  • Flipping consumes a lot of power;
  • TBox lacks AA batteries for the remote control;
  • Kids need adult supervision.


The packaging on this is great, it has a nice handle and if you are planning on giving this as a gift for a birthday or a Holiday it would be rather impressive right off the bat.

Ayan Ayan