Review DoDoeleph Syma X5A-1 RC Quadcopter Toys Drone RTF Without Camera

Drones have become popular in recent years. Some drones come equipped with a camera, so many people have started using them to take aerial pictures and videos. While certain businesses use them to take pictures of landscapes. Others use it to look at higher points on buildings and homes for the sake of assessing repairs. However. not all of them come with a camera, like the Syma X5A-1 Explorers drone. This Syma X5A-1 drone review provides information on this budget-friendly drone that possesses features that you will see below.

Syma X5A-1 Explorers Drone Main Features & Specs

When it comes to making this drone fun to fly and play with, the designers have made sure to add a few main features that you will surely love. Like the 360 degrees roll over, the button for this trick allows people the chance to spice up their method of flying the drone. In many cases, it makes the flight time more exciting to watch and even more fun to perform.

The drone comes with a luminous lamp that you can see from the ground. It can also change to multiple colors. This feature makes the drone easier to track in darker settings.

Syma X5A-1 Explorers Drone Specs
Flight Environment Camera Battery Charge Weight Size Range
7 min Indoor and outdoors Not included 3.7 V 300 mAh Li-Po 100 min 1.4 pounds 13.2 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches 100 m

In order to make sure that your remote control stays focused on controlling the drone, the drone has an antenna which is fixed in place in a stable matter. It is very durable so it can hold up well to rough handling by children as well.


  • Battery: 3.7V 300 Mah Li-poly, Charging time: About 100 minutes (USB Charging),Flying time: About 7 minutes.
  • 2.4GHz The excellent frequency & bandwidth, Using Spread Spectrum Technology for Further remote distance
  • Blade protector Highly elastic plastic protective circle, preventing the blades in flight Cause wear, anti-collision anti-fall performance further enhanced!
  • Colorful flashing lights,Colorful flashing light, keep your Aircraft at night Flying is quite excellent
  • 360°Eversion : A key 360¡ãroll,continuous roll for perfect actionand wonderful performance

Arguments: Pros & Cons

Syma X5A-1 Drone Review Pros:

  • Extremely lightweight;
  • You can fly it indoors or outdoors;
  • For its size and weight, it is rather durable;
  • Lights allow for tracking the model, they can also help with takeoff and landing;
  • Remote reaches about 100 meters in range;
  • The drone can perform rolls continuously.
Syma X5A-1 Drone Review Cons:
  • Does not come with a camera;
  • Unclear whether or not you can mount a camera to the drone’s frame due to its lightweight frame;
  • Not able to charge through a wall outlet but with a USB to a computer.

Syma X5A-1 Review Conclusion

So, as you can see, if you are just looking to get a cheap drone to get out and have some flying fun, this could be a great choice. It doesn’t have many of the advanced technologies or a camera.

However, it could be easy to fly for kids or beginners. This could be a great first drone to practice your flying skills before you buy a more expensive one.

If you do decide to go with this one just make sure you have the right expectations for it.