Review Contixo F18 Quadcopter Drone Camera

Contixo F18 Quadcopter, the brand new GPS Drone from Contixo. The F18 drone equipped with the GPS assisted hovering, auto return to home functions and loaded with cutting-edge drone technology that makes it easy to fly and control without worry about losing.

This drone is really well packaged and comes in its huge carrying backpack. The backpack is water resistant ready for any outdoor activities. It also well-made and very useful, the backpack can hold everything that you need for the quadcopter in one place plus the compartments for additional stuff like extra batteries or a bottle of water. Just wear it and go to the spot you want to take video.

This Contixo F18 is light, sleek, and powerful. This thing is really fast thanks to its 4 powerful brushless motors which allow this drone to really blast through the air with super responsive. Each motor is managed individually by the electronic speed controllers provide the ability to speed up and quickly increase or decrease altitude. This MT1806 1800KV brushless motors also reduce heat production to ensure minimal friction during engine operation for safe flight.

The first and most important thing that we like this Contixo F18 drone is about the GPS assisted hovering and the Auto Return to Home functions which really take this F18 drone sky high while you can safely bring it back. The GPS works very well enables precise positioning and prevents drone loss which important for new pilots (just make sure you turn it on). If the GPS tracking turns on, it will record the precise takeoff location allow the drone fly back to the home point. The Auto Return to Home functions will be triggered in 3 ways. First, when you press the return home button. Next, when the remote control signal is lost for more than 6 seconds. Last, when the battery is low. The GPS control system will guide the drone automatically to the last recorded Home Point.

Contixo F18 Quadcopter offers a real-time first-person view (FPV) in high definition 1080P with a very sharp image and footage. The onboard FPV HD camera lets you see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around and admire your surroundings. The 5G Wi-Fi FPV camera works very smoothly for real-time image transmission with the mobile APP “Contixo F18”, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones allows you to preview your recorded videos and photos while in flight.

Drone battery is 7.4V 2100mAh Li-po which works nicely and lasts about 15 minutes of flying. The connector uses standard XT30 connector which means you can use any other battery that fits into the compartment and compatible with XT30 connector. However, we recommend sticking with genuine Contixo battery if you don’t know about electronics because it can damage drone motors if you use incorrect battery power.

Overall, Contixo F18 Quadcopter is really nice quadcopter covers all pilot experience ranges. The GPS assisted hovering and the Auto Return to Home functions make it easy to flight and flight smoothly, really stable for beginners. The downside, not really, it included only one battery, you may need an additional battery because this thing is very fun.

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Contixo
  • Item Name: F18 RC Drone
  • Diagonal: 310 mm (12.2 inches)
  • Color: Black
  • Motors: 1806 KV1800 Brushless Motors
  • Built-in Gyroscope: 6-Axis
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz (Mode 1/2/3/4)
  • Channel: 4 Channels
  • Camera: 1080P Full HD 1980×1080
  • WIFI FPV Transmission Distance: 1,640 ft.
  • Remote Control Distance: up to 1 (One) Mile.
  • Functions: One key return, one key takeoff, GPS, altitude hold, WIFI FPV camera, up/ down, turn left/ right, forward/ backward, side-ward flight, with LED lights.
  • Transmitter Power: 4 * AA battery (Not included)
  • Drone Battery: 7.4V 2100 mAh Li-po
  • Battery Size: 130 x 35 x 20 mm (5 x 1.3 x 0.78 inches)
  • Maximum Flying Time: Up to 16 minutes
  • Charging Time: About 240 Minutes (4 hours)
  • Weight: About 334g or 0.73 lbs (Excluding Battery)
  • Drone Dimensions: 370 x 340 x 80 mm / 14.5 x 13.4 x 3.15 inches


What’s in the box?

  • 1- Drone
  • 1- Charger
  • 1- Drone Battery
  • 8- Propeller Blades
  • 1- Propeller Changing Tool
  • 1- Remote Control
  • 1- Screwdriver
  • 1- Mobile Phone Clip
  • 1- User Manual
  • 1- Quick Start Installation Guide
  • 1- Coverage Card


  • The headless mode seems to be aiding the users in flying the drone without worrying about its orientation.
  • It is ideal for beginners who can practice flying drones and capture a few aerial photographs.
  • It can be flown both indoors and outdoors.


  • The camera resolution isn’t the best
  • One could expect a better battery life from this product

Final Conclusion:
It really comes down to your own personal wants and needs. Each of these drones have their own pros and cons and could all be great in different areas.

Just be sure to do your homework and read many reviews so you can get a feel for what you are getting into.

Ayan Ayan