Review Parrot Bebop 2 FPV drone

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a smartphone-controlled drone with a 14-megapixel camera which offers 1080p video recording. The successor to the original Parrot Bebop model, it features a fisheye lens which allows for surprisingly judder-free footage and even boasts user-serviceable rotors.
Paired with the Parrot Skycontroller 2 and the Parrot Cockpitglasses, your Parrot Bebop 2 drone reveals new capabilities. Embark on long-distance courses combining extreme piloting precision and ultra-real viewing! By flying with the FPV goggles, you’re totally immersed: explore previously inaccessible places like never before and capture high-quality pictures perfectly.
The Parrot Bebop 2 Power can be considered more of a revision than a sequel to the original Bebop 2. It now comes in a two-tone black colour for a slightly more aggressive look and offers improved flight time, allowing for up to 30 minutes from a single charge.
The Parrot Bebop 2 is sturdy and reliable. Designed to fly indoors and outdoors, it’s the first leisure drone weighing less than 500 g with a 25-minute battery life. With the Parrot Cockpitglasses, discover FPV (First Person View) and view all your flights as if you were in the cockpit! Designed to be easily transported, the Parrot Bebop 2 will go with you wherever and whenever you want for you to capture your best moments from the sky.
There are two batteries included – meaning up to an hour up in the air – as well as the improved Cockpitglasses 2 FPV goggles and a remote control.
The USP of the Bebop 2 is the optional FPV pack, which includes a headset and professional-style flight controller, complete with sticks and buttons. Using this setup it’s possible to get a first-person view of what the drone is actually seeing, which is a surprisingly immersive experience.
It delivers more than 20 minutes of flight time on a single charge, boasts a 14-megapixel camera that can capture 1080p video, and is rated for a maximum range of 300 meters. At that price point it doesn’t have a 4K video camera, HD live stream, or two-stick remote control. But none of those things are necessary for someone who is just getting started.
Flight has been upgraded with a number of automated modes for more cinematic shots and easy piloting.
It makes the Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV an enticing package overall.
The catch is that, when you add the cost of the FPV pack to the price of the Bebop 2 itself, you’re rapidly approaching the kind of sum you’d normally expect to splash on a more capable drone.
The Bebop is almost the perfect starter drone: lightweight, low cost, and a good enough camera. Unfortunately, in my testing, the Bebop 2 suffers from the same critical flaw as its predecessor: a very unreliable Wi-Fi connection that frequently drops, leaving your drone stranded in mid-air. That makes it really hard to recommend, even for a novice drone pilot.
The Bebop 2 Power is great fun to fly, offers excellent battery life and lots of useful automated functions that let you concentrate on capturing video or images. However, the actual image quality lets it down slightly. Between the Bebop 2 Power and DJI Spark, the Parrot drone is the more fun to fly, whereas the DJI Spark captures the better footage.

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Parrot
  • Manufacturer’s Product Type: Bebop 2 FPV
  • Category: vehicles
  • Subcategory: vehicles – drones
  • High-level Tag: vehicles
  • Low-level Tag: drones
  • Package Content: 8 propellers, Parrot Cockpitglasses,
  • SKYCONTROLLER 2, USB cable, battery, charger, power
  • adapter, propeller assembly tool
  • Outdoor: yes
  • Power Source: battery
  • Remote Control: 8 GB
  • Max Vertical Velocity: 20 feet per second
  • Max Horizontal Velocity: 52.5 feet per second
  • Interface: Wi-Fi
  • Supported Protocols: IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE
  • 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
  • Wi-Fi Bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Max View Angle: 180 degrees
  • Camera: included
  • Sensor Resolution: 14
  • Capture Formats: H.264
  • Still Image Formats: DNG, JPEG, RAW
  • Video Recorder Resolutions: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Rechargeable Battery: rechargeable
  • Capacity: 2700 mAh
  • Run Time (Up To): 25 min
  • Width: 15 in
  • Depth: 12.9 in
  • Height: 3.5 in

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Bebop 2
  • 1 High-capacity battery
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Smartphone and tablet mount
  • 1 Parrot Cockpitglasses


  • Nimble and easy to fly
  • Stable flight performance
  • Good value
  • Great battery life
  • Approachable app and controls
  • FPV accessories work well


  • Disappointing image quality
  • Video is glitchy at long distances
  • Only 7GB of available storage (no microSD)
  • Fisheye camera suffers from lens flare
  • Autonomous functions cost extra
  • No storage case

Final Conclusion:
The Bebop 2 Power is a fun, easy-to-fly drone – but its image quality is a little lacking.
On its own the Parrot Bebop 2 is a likeable smartphone-controlled drone that captures good-quality stills and video, but it’s the addition of the FPV kit which really makes it stand out, offering a better control experience and an amazing perspective on the world from above.

Review Tomzon T25 Drone RC Quadcopter with Camera

The Tomzon T25 Drone have become popular and are no longer just unmanned vehicles for military purposes. Its concept has been used so that any user can have pleasure with them, especially lovers of photographs and video. The problem is that there is yet still some ignorance. Which model is the the majority of suitable for each individual need? Is it difficult to commute a drone? Do you have to have a wonderful permit? If you have doubts we will tell you everything you need to have to comprehend ahead of buying a drone.

Unlike the some other toy grade drones,there won’t be a need to have to practice on the throttle controlling,because of the Altitude handle mode,the drone will be straightforward and easy to hover on the altitude once the throttle stick returns to the middle.Also unlike the some other complicated remote controls,the one for navigator is much significantly more straightforward along with only 4 function buttons:Headless Mode Button,One Button bring Off/Landing Button,L/H Mode Switch Button,and TRIM Adjust Button,you will never acquire confused on many function buttons anymore.

If you have done a lot of searches for a beginner or kid drone, you will see a lot of people today asking for Headless Hold, Low Power/Out of array Alarm, and Emergency Stop Functions, Navigator gives you all.

If you are a beginner who has a little requirement on cameras and FPV functions, Navigator won’t be a bad preference for you, unlike the normal drones along with so called HD cameras, it is equipped along with real 720P HD and 120 Degree Wide-Angle Camera, the Live View of quality reaches 720P/20fps, the performance, if not being compared to the complex drones, will be beneficial enough.

FPV Drone With 720P Hd Digital Camera – Navigator Fitted With A Hundred And Twenty° Wide-Angle Hd Digital Camera, Thanks For The Altitude Cling Mode And Vr Mode, It Can Truly Meet Your Selfie And Vr View Demand. No Be Counted Mountain Climbing, Outings, Or Household Events, It Can Support You Trap Every Everlasting Second.

Altitude Cling Mode – Under This Mode, You Could Make The Drone Flying Within The Default Top And Hover, Easy To Shoot Pictures From Any Perspective, More Correct For Novices To Handle.

Headless Mode – As A Amateur Or Child, You May Problem About Course Determine (Especially Non-Sensitive In Regards To The Course Ones), Then You Can Set Off Headless Mode In The Starting Of Flight, Thus No Should Distinguish The Drone’S Course, And Which You Could Fly The Drone Effortlessly.

One Button Take Off/ Landing/ Emergency Cease – If You Think Complex To Delivery And Land The Drone, You Can Use ” One Button Take Off / Landing” Button Without Delay, The Drone Will Take Off Immediately And Hold A Definite Altitude/ Land On The Floor Softly. When Emergency Condition Occurs, Press Down The Emergency Cease Button, The Motors Will Cease Working And The Drone Will Drop Down Without Delay.

Out Of Latitude Alarm – When The Drone Goes To Exceed The Flight Latitude, Then The Transmitter Will Sound Beep Didi…Didi…To Alarm, You Should Fly Again The Drone In Controllable Enviornment, Otherwise The Drone May Be Out Of Handle And Misplaced. Button,L/H Mode Switch Button,And Trim Adjust Button,You Will Never Acquire Confused On Many Function Buttons Anymore.

Important tips:

  • Mobile App: Flyingsee.Support iOS 8.0+/ Android 4.1.2+. A wide variety of flight mode control, as wel camera and video.
  • The design incorporated battery along with its cover, which causes plug in and out become significantly more hassle-free as clearly as charging.
  • The plug-in guards protect the propellers against the crash, and is beneficial for your defense use. You can bring them off if pursue stronger power.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 × Tomzon T25 Quadcopter
  • 1 × 2.4GHz remote controller ( 4 AA electric batteries are not included)
  • 1 × 7.4V Drone Battery(only one)
  • 1 × USB Charge
  • 4 × Blades
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × SD Card Reader(4G TF Card)

I think it is well worth it. While it isn’t the most expensive drone out there, it also isn’t the cheapest. The fact that it comes with a camera at such a good price is what sold me. When it came, I was really impressed with the quality construction and the look of the final product. It looks very sleek, and it impressed me immediately. I like the features it has, but I especially like the return to me in one button feature. It has helped me multiple times I am embarrassed to admit.

Nothing too big, but I wish it would have a clearer camera. I would rather attach my GoPro, but that’s not an option

Final Conclusion:
Honestly, for the price, you are not going to find something better. To me, that’s less than I spend on a week of dinners, so I knew this was going to give me enough enjoyment to justify the price. If faced with the decision again, I would buy this once more.

Review Force1 UDI U818A Drone with Camera

Wanting to include some experience to your next outside adventure? The most recent Force1 UDI U818A WiFi Drone with HD Camera will enable you to baptize yourself in air travel while recording splendid aerial photography and video footage.However, despite having released some very good toy drones such as the U32 and U28, the brand is still synonymous with the  older Force1 UDI U818A which was released two years ago.

Since it was released, the humble U818A has made its mark in the toy drone scene as being one of the toughest toy drones around with plenty of value to boot.

It is not surprising why many online sellers still stock the U818A because it sells so well and for good reasons — it was build to withstand plenty of abuse, flies reasonably well.

WiFi FPV – This drone includes WiFi connectivity and the ability to view your flight through FPV (first-person view) in real time.

Custom Route Mode – Input your desired flight path by tracing it on the mobile app screen and the drone will follow along the path without any assistance.

VR Headset Compatible and Live Video – Sync a compatible VR headset directly with the controller to really bring life to your flight! Enjoy live video and photo feeds while in flight.

HD Camera – Capture pristine high definition 720p aerial photos and videos of everything in its path with its 2MP stationary camera. Video footage has been upgraded to 1280 × 720 at 30 FPS, which is a major plus for aerial photographers and videographers.

Altitude Hold – Set the quadcopter to hover at your preferred altitude. This makes controlling the drone super easy for beginners and stabilizes the camera for crisp aerial photography and videography.

Headless Mode – Prepare yourself for a super smooth and steady flight; It’s ready to fly straight out of the box and there is no need to adjust the position of the quadcopter prior to taking off.

Great for Beginners – Its lightweight, ready to fly design makes it a perfect choice for novice pilots.

This Force1 UDI U818A drone is the current Wifi Drone FPV drone specifically by USA Toys upgraded with WiFi and FPV (first-person

Pairing your mobile device and drone is simple through Android and iOS systems.

Catch live video and picture feed through any suitable gadget while in air travel.

Gravity Induction mode permits you to fly the drone without even touching your mobile phone.

Equipped to fly right from the box!

The U818A is very easy to pilot and reasonably stable in the air despite having integrated prop guards. Two speed modes are available — Mode 1 (Low) and Mode 2 (High). These shouldn’t be confused with Mode 1 and 2 transmitter stick modes.

In fact, the plastic is so thin it measures a mere 0.75mm thick at most parts and makes the U818A feel like it was pieced together with transparency slides. But don’t let that flimsiness fool you, though. This is one drone that can take so much abuse, you’d be surprised at how resilient it is.

Being a drone that was released some two years ago, the U818A does not have altitude hold and features only headless mode and one-key return. It can also do 3D flips which are executed quite well. Having integrated prop guards means it is quite susceptible to wind currents. For those who find the prop guards a hindrance, they can be removed along with the entire body shell. This creates for a lighter and more agile quadcopter. Removing the prop guards and body shell also makes for slightly longer flight times.

When it was first released, the U818A came with a camera that had a much lower resolution. To keep up with the times, UDI have given it a better HD 720P camera which produces 1280 x 720 resolution videos and images. It is a step up in resolution when compared to other toy drones in the same price range that feature 0.3MP cameras.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 330 x 340 x 55mm
  • Platform: Quadcopter
  • Diagonal motor distance: 230mm
  • One-key return
  • Headless mode
  • 3D flips
  • 2 flight speeds (High and Low)
  • Propulsion: 8.5mm coreless (motors) / 135mm propellers
  • Weight: 131g (with battery)
  • Camera resolution: 1MP stills and video (1280 x 720 / 32kHz mono audio)
  • File format: JPEG/AVI
  • Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li Po
  • Charging time: 80 minutes
  • Flight time: about 8-10 minutes
  • Control distance: about 50 to 100 meters
  • Transmitter power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Controller
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 USB Battery Charger
  • 1 SC Card reader
  • 1 4GB SD card
  • 4 Spare Blades
  • 1 Spanner
  • 1 Manual


  • Durable and stable
  • Decent flight time
  • Bonus battery, easily swappable
  • Removable Micro-SD included
  • App works really well
  • Surprisingly fast and snappy, reactive


  • Not too stable in windy conditions
  • Mediocre design and looks
  • Can move out of signal range Unexpectedly
  • Mediocre HD video, could be better

Final Conclusion:

The Force1 UDI U818A may have been around for some time but it still packs a good punch when it comes to value. It does not have the latest features in toy drones such as altitude hold and auto take-off/landing but I believe most people can live with its basic set of features, particularly those who prefer to have more manual control over their drones.


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