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Review DROCON Drone X708W Quadcopter with HD Camera

If you’re looking for a drone, you’ve come to the right place. Drones can be obnoxiously expensive, and no one wants to be stuck with an expensive drone that doesn’t get the job done. Not only is that frustrating, but it is also a colossal waste of money. There are some great budget drones out there, and this DROCON one is by far one of them. It is perfect for beginners, which is really all I needed. It also comes with some expensive features like a built in camera that I was pleasantly surprised with. While this won’t be the drone of your dreams, you can expect that this is going to be a nice beginner drone.

Like mentioned above, this drone is perfect for the beginner. It has everything you need, and it is equipped with some awesome features that helps you to learn how to fly. The first feature is the Wi-Fi transmission and camera. You can pair with your app so you can see exactly where you are flying as you go. The camera is full 720p, so you can expect that your video footage will be off the charts. One of my favorite features is the one touch return. Basically, you will never lose another drone again. All you do is press a button and it will fly straight back to you, it is perfect for beginners! The drone is also headless, so it is much easier to fly than traditional drones.

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the DROCON Drone X708W has up to 8 minutes of flight time. The 550 mAh Li-Po battery is swap-able,
so in order to have more fun time you can have couple of spare charged ones.

Strong and good quality at a fantastic price: with premium materials very strong when crashes not break. best works in big places such as grassy areas. At night the LED light colors very pretty. In addition, when crashes easy to find. The camera is pretty clear and can take good pictures. Even you screwed in the prop guards and crashing it into the house or a tree it haven’t budged. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this one.

Very good for the beginner it is easy to take off and land. You are even able to have it hover at a steady height without any issues. With TWIN-SPEED MODES, whether you don’t have skill or a first time flier, there is a speed that will suit you.
With the unique streamlined-shaped structure improves aerodynamics, therefore reducing air resistance and makes landing more stable.

Don’t worry about drone loses anymore, with the one-key return feature to make you ensure that don’t worry about losing this

When the drone is in mid-air. With headless mode, it makes more easier to navigate the drone.
360 Degree Flip this drone is flexible to compete 3D flip round. This can do a full flip with the push of a button and the
movement of one stick!

Its battery takes 550 ma 3.7 volt with standard 2 prong plug. Charging quickly only 30 minute is enough. Battery life is
about 7-8 minutes. Recommend that should transmitter for more funny.
Full battery condition it can fly within a radius of 100 feet in an open field. However, it maybe not too stable enough when
flying on a windy day.

Drones with 6 axis gyro has better stability. Drone weight is less than 0.5lb, FAA registration is not required.
You can 3d mode when there is VR headset while you are flying the drone.

Product specifications:

  • HIGH-QUALITY DRONE GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Equipped with REAL-TIME WI-FI transmission and 720p camera,Great choice for starting their journey with drone flying. It’s made of premium materials and comes at a fantastic price.
  • ONE-KEY RETURN FOR EASY CONTROL: Never lose your drone again! The one-key return feature of this drone ensures you never have to worry about losing this drone. Wherever you are flying, hit the one-key return button and it will return straight to you.
  • REAL-TIME WI-FI TRANSMISSION WITH HD Camera: Take things to new highs and enjoy a live video feed in high-definition straight to your mobile device with the all new FPV Wi-Fi feature.
  • TWIN-SPEED MODES: Whether you’re already skilled or a first time flier, there is a speed that will suit you. Plus, the unique streamlined-shaped body structure improves aerodynamics, thus reducing air resistance and makes landing operation more stable.
  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING IT: Thanks to the headless mode, control of this drone is easy and you do not need to worry about the direction of the drone when flying it. You’ll have total control for a straightforward flying experience.

What’s in the box?

  • 1×Cyclone X708W Quadcopter.
  • 1×Controller.
  • 1×Phone Supporter.
  • 1×USB Charger.
  • 1×Lipo Battery.
  • 4×Propeller Protector (4pcs/1 set).
  • 4×Spare Propellers (4pcs/1 set).
  • 1×Screw Driver.
  • 1x Product Manual.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

I think it is well worth it. While it isn’t the most expensive drone out there, it also isn’t the cheapest. The fact that it comes with a camera at such a good price is what sold me. When it came, I was really impressed with the quality construction and the look of the final product. It looks very sleek, and it impressed me immediately. I like the features it has, but I especially like the return to me in one button feature. It has helped me multiple times I am embarrassed to admit.

Nothing too big, but I wish it would have a clearer camera. I would rather attach my GoPro, but that’s not an option

Final Conclusion:
Honestly, for the price, you are not going to find something better. To me, that’s less than I spend on a week of dinners, so I knew this was going to give me enough enjoyment to justify the price. If faced with the decision again, I would buy this once more.

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